(Retweet/Forward) About Jonghyun’s relationship


For blingers who love Jonghyun hardcore as much as I do, no worries for now. It’s a 50-50 case line. 50 for it to be a scandal whereas SME has planned for since for what I know throughout the pass two years of me engaging with kpop, they have been trampling their idols who are under them. Whether it’s scandals, accidents, law suits and all of those shits. Look at Hangeng or JYJ who left SME, or look at Onew (yes our onew) or Leeteuk who’s suffering from depression along with many others from SME. Sekyung might be a successful actress but Jonghyun isn’t. He’s just a pure talented fellow who I fell hard for. Have you guys seen Key? He has been looking really low these days and really looking much awful. He isn’t always like that but many are thinking he’s hiding something personal, hopefully not. Hopefully if this is a stupid scandal, it won’t cause our shinee boys’ reputation to be trampled thoroughly on. Haters are starting to increase, the hate won’t go down, neither will the love. RIGHT? Plus SME doesn’t allow their idols under them to DATE AT ALL. And openly? Have you see the photos? They go out openly with no disguise no nothing, which leads to a bigger suspicion to us fans. I really do not know, hopefully NOT TRUE. The other 50, which means it’s a confirmed official relationship. If that’s true, wish them a blissful romance though I cried my heart out the other day, as long as he’s happy, I’m happy. That’s all the information I want to share, Thank you. AND STOP HATING JONGHYUN AND SEKYUNG. Grow up people, don’t act like hooligans when you call yourself a fan. Do not act like uneducated babies who were just born, even they are smarter they you people.


beritanya 50:50 . .

antara scandal yg dibuat SM sama emang beneran mereka pacaran . .

gua berharap yg terbaik aja lah buat jjong . . πŸ˜€

Apakah Anda melihat foto mereka ?Β Mereka pergi secara terbuka dengan tidak menyamar tidak ada apa-apa, yang mengarah pada kecurigaan yang lebih besar bagi para penggemar. . .

Leave your comment Please . .

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3 thoughts on “(Retweet/Forward) About Jonghyun’s relationship

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