[News] SHINee took off their clothes during Performance !

SHINee Reveals Their Bare Skin

While SHINee practiced passionately on the stage of Cable TV TrendE’s real live music show “The Muzit”. they took off their outer clothing and threw it.

SHINee, who shook the hearts of noonas with the fresh and cute image of “Noona, You’re So Pretty”, has come back as men and put on a passionate performance. They gave a fanastic live performance of the acoustic version of “Noona, You’re So Pretty” as well as the tracks in their new album “Quasimodo” and “WOWOWOW”. SHINee also sang an impromptu called “Perfectly Charming SHINee” that the members personally wrote the lyrics to, completed by the live performance of “The Muzit”‘s band Fifty Five.

Through a surprise piano performance, Maknae Taemin showed his upgraded skills. He said that “I practiced hard to put on a piano performance on tv for the first time in a year.” He showed us a side of him that was mixed with shyness and pride. Onew, who will be in another musical in September, presented his greedy side by saying “I don’t want to just do musicals, but I want to try operas as well.” Jonghyun hinted at his powerful will as he said “I want to use my experience as a band’s bassist in the past as a foundation to try rock vocals.” Jonghyun did a perfect imiation of K.will and even made K.will surprised.

The 3rd episode SHINee special of “The Muzit” that SHINee will air on the 14th(Sat) at 10:30PM. Reruns will be on the 17th(Tues) at midnight. It will be available on VOD at the homepage(http://muzit.trende.co.kr).

Source: TV Daily
Translation: kimchi hana @ shineee.net
Sorry to disappoint you, but they didn’t take off their clothes and show their abs off or anything.
I think they just took off their jackets and revealed their arms and some skin.
I know what you’re thinking, I know. “Darn you misleading article titles.”
Don’t blame me, blame the media! /glares


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