[Pic] f(x) Sulli past photo !!

Sulli’s elementary school site posted up on their bulletin some past photos of Sulli in participation in sport and other activities. Sulli in the sky colored hat is being shown with her friends possibly enjoying some resting time. Another photo shows her hair turned to one side, with earrings and hair accessories, creating a unique charm.

Netizens are still curious about Sulli’s past face. As seen clearly, Sulli had two cute from rabbit teeth standing, and now with none of that, raising unnecessary questioning.

Luckily, netizens responded positively: ‘Sulli is a good example of dental work’ ‘Sulli thinks before dental work’ Little Sulli!’ and many more heartwarming comments.

Meanwhile, Sulli endorsed her latest cf, LG mobile, showing and transforming into her mature side.

Thanks MarielKim for the tip!


Source: Nate

cr : dkpopnews


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