[Trans] SHINee Onew’s MC Debut ‘Night Star’ What Is This Overnight Variety ?

[Newsen Reporter Lee Eonhyuk]

SHINee’s Onew (real name Lee Jinki) is taking on the challenge of MCing for the first time.

Onew will be acting as MC alongside Shin Dongyup, Yoon Jongshin, movie director Jang Hangjoon, and Leessang’s Gil on 2TV’s ‘Night Star,’ a newly introduced program in KBS’s spring reorganization.

Onew has focused on his activities as a singer until now. Currently Onew, who is on album promotion break, is participating in yet another challenge in the musical ‘The Brothers Were Brave.’

‘Night Star’ is an ‘overnight variety’ that contains the image of the period during which the entire world has fallen asleep following a day?s routine. They will show the nighttime stories of Korea traveling in their mobile studio vehicle.

The five MCs will accept viewer stories and also deliver late night snacks, and during the time everyone else is sleeping they will step forward to do good deeds through ‘Kind Nighttime Lightning.’ ‘Night Star’ will notify the date and time, and it is planned that they will embark on good deeds together with viewers.

The first broadcast will be on May 16th at 11:15pm.

Lee Eonhyuk leeuh@newsen.com

Source: Newsen
English translation: live laugh love @ soompi

Credit : SHINee forums


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